Hi, I’m Elis, owner of Halenko Creative Agency.

My start in the freelance Food Styling & Food Photography world was progressive and serendipitous.

From my mother, I learned about nutrition; I remember feeling sort of like a Hogwarts student as I looked up at shelves upon shelves of towering herbs, dried foods and concoctions, visiting her favourite wellness stores. While I valued the suspicious looking lentil soup lunches I took with me to school for their healthfullness, as I got older I developed culinary expertise and an eye for arranging meals in an attempt to make her nutritious dishes more appetizing. During my university studies of Food & Nutrition at Ryerson University, I bought an SLR camera and began to play around with food photography.

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My father, professional photographer and painter, mentored me and I quickly developed my skills. I immediately enjoyed the combined delicious and creative elements of food photography. As a hobbyist, food photography would sneak into my work life - working as a Registered Dietitian in private practice for A+ Plus Smoodees, and Operations Manager with Cookin’ Greens.

As my experience grew, so did my passion. I am proud to say I am now a full time food stylist and photographer and we have grown to offer many other services as well. Connect with me via email or social media. I would love to chat!